A Biblical Point of View On Islam by Kerby Anderson


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Readers today are eager for accurate information about Islam in the midst of a fog of political correctness. In nine short chapters, respected Point of View radio host J. Kerby Anderson draws on years of research and experience to clear up misconceptions, address concerns, and provide a biblical perspective on the worldÂ’s second largest religion. He answers questions about the basic beliefs and structures of Islam and offers guidance about the Christian response:

  • What are the five pillars of Islam?
  • What are the main teachings of the QurÂ’an?
  • Does the QurÂ’an promote suicide bombers and martyrdom?
  • How do Muslims view the Christian world?
  • What is the extent of the threat from radical Islam?

Readers will discover a fuller picture of the Muslim faith and the role of Islam in the world, as well as helpful advice for reasoning with Muslims from the QurÂ’an and the Bible about Jesus. 120 page Paperback.  REGULAR PRICE $10.00

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