A Case for Wisdom by Geoffrey Woods


A Son’s Story about Reconciling with His Father

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Geoffrey Woods is just a boy when his father is diagnosed with cancer-a disease that not only robs his father of his health, but also changes Geoffrey’s family dynamics forever. Now an unpredictable man who often subjects his family to outbursts of anger and frustration, Geoffrey’s father instills a fear in his wife and his children that never goes away. It is not long before Geoffrey commits himself to wholeheartedly hating the man he once loved with all his heart. In his poignant story, Geoffrey shares how his relationship with his father became laced with distance, disappointment, and betrayal, causing him to eventually isolate himself from his friends, sports, and the life he once knew. Somehow he survives and accepts God into his heart-even as the distance between Geoffrey and his father grows. As he matures into a young man who is still suffering from his father’s constant betrayal, Geoffrey begins to question everything, the crucial first step of a lengthy journey to eventual forgiveness, healing, and inner-peace. A Case for Wisdom describes how a relationship fueled by distrust and distance is ultimately transformed into a loving bond between father and son based on truth, kindness, and, most importantly, unconditional love.

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