A Martyr’s Grace by Marvin Newell


Stories of Those Who Gave All for Christ and His Cause

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They came from around the world. Administrators, teachers, doctors and nurses, church planters and pilots. Regular people in the prime of life. United by their love for Christ and their studies at the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, these twenty-one men and women set out to bring the gospel to those in need. From the jungles of South America to the parched African plain, and from the dark cloud of Communist China to the dangers of the Middle East, they revealed the character of God through service and love. In this book, Marvin Newell tells the individual stories of these faithful men and women who made a difference in the places they served. He also describes – in many cases for the first time – how Jesus called them home. Their legacies live on in the rain forests, villages, churches and cities where they were called. What is it that compels ordinary people to sacrifice their lives in this way? Only Christ. They didn’t go expecting to die. But they went – having already given their lives.  2006 Edition.

Paperback, 223 pages.