A Surrendered Life by Patricia Layton


A Thoughtful Approach to Finding Freedom, Healing and Hope After Abortion

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An estimated one in three women of childbearing age has had an abortion. You probably know at least one of them. She may be your sister, your daughter, your wife, your friend, or even your mother. She may be you. After an abortion, many women carry a heavy burden of silence and heartache. Similarly, men carry the loss of fatherhood and feelings of helplessness. Both women and men feel they are not allowed to talk about their experience, especially in church. But healing can happen when the painful secret of abortion is surrendered to God for His glory. In A Surrendered Life, you will:

-Understand why women and men make the choice for abortion

-Learn how post-abortion heartbreak can show up in your life or the lives of your loved ones

-Discover the eight steps to healing from an abortion

-Get practical tools to guide a discussion about abortion

-Find out how to make a difference for women, men, and children in your home, church and community.

Tens of thousands around the world have found healing from the emotional, spiritual, and even physical scars abortion leaves behind. This unforgettable book will guide you or someone you love to surrender the secret and find hope for the future.

2014 Edition, Published by Baker Books.  Paperback, 154 pages.

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