America’s Worship Wars by Terry York


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Many churches are battling through the issues of what sort of worship is most appropriate for today. Should churches continue to sing the traditional hymns that they grew up with or should they embrace the contemporary worship choruses? Should they play organs or electric guitars? York looks at issues such as the connection between a person’s worship style and his or her philosophy, politics and affluence; the phenomenon of mega churches and television churches; the influences that denominations and publishers of hymnals bring to the debate; and the pressures put on worship leaders by church shoppers. York also examines the issues of church growth, since selecting a worship style is, in many ways, choosing a target audience for future members. Whether a church realizes it or not, when it chooses a worship style it is also determining the affluence, age, size and ethnicity of its future congregation. York provides a sympathetic and insightful guide to what has been happening in America’s worship yesterday and today, and with it, provides the reader with the information necessary to create a vision for America’s worship tomorrow. While supplies last. Quantities are limited. REGULAR PRICE $17.00.

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