Because of a Covenant by Mary Walmsley


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What should we be teaching young people about marriage that will increase the success of their marriages in the future? Does the covenant make a difference? And if so, what difference does it make? “Because of a Covenant” provides the Biblical basics on the law and love of God regarding marriage. By telling the story of her own marriage covenant, Walmsley demonstrates how God’s law and love are one and the same in terms of covenant. Then, like a student learning from the Teacher Himself, she describes what God has said about all marriage relationships in outline form, allowing the Scriptures to speak for themselves. This thorough study includes marriage, adultery, separation, divorce, being divorced yet remaining faithful, a second marriage, a second divorce, and reconciliation; all are relationships that a couple can have while still bound by covenant. More than 600 Scriptural references are used to present how God sees each relationship and the people involved, how He responds to each relationship, and the choices He provides us for the sake of our souls. As an encouragement for further Bible study “Because of a Covenant” ends with a series of charts naming Biblical examples of men and women found in each of the eight relationships, plus a quiz for each chapter.

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