Bible Prophecies of the End-Times by Edward Ford


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Today as never before many are blind to the spiritual significance of the times in which we live. Hurricanes, floods, fires, and acts of terrorism have become weekly occurrences around the world. Uncertainty about the future weighs heavily on the minds of many. A key question is being asked by men and women of all walks of life and that is, “When will these horrible occurrences stop and how is it all going to end?” In Bible Prophecies of The End Times author Edward C. Ford Sr. helps to shed much insight into answering these questions and others in this fascinating, thought provoking book, covering major end times prophecies such as:

·The defeat of Russia (Gog and Magog)
·The times in which we live (Church Age)
·The coming war (Battle of Armageddon)
·The return of Christ (a new world order)
·The Judgment of the nations
·Restoration of the Earth’s Eco-System
·A new Heaven and a new Earth

Ford’s spiritual insight helps him graphically detail many shocking events that will soon engulf the entire world, sending mankind on a rocket-like journey through the final stages of human history as we know it into a new world of joy, peace, and reconciliation with Christ.

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