Blood of Heaven by Bill Meyers


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Bill Meyers has played a great game of “what if?” – creating a compelling story of grace triumphing over judgment and Christ’s sinless nature displacing man’s depravity. A bold new twist on an age-old theme, this book is an enjoyable and provocative read. Mysterious blook has been discovered on the remains of an ancient religious artifact. Some believe it is the blood of Christ. And experiments with specific genes from the blood have brought surprising findings. Now it’s time to introduce those genes into a human. Enter Michael Coleman: multiple killer, death-row resident…and, if he is willing, human guinea pig. There are no promises. The effects may kill Coleman or completely destroy his sanity. He agrees to the experiment, with results so astonishing that the research must continue – but not in prison. Given a new identity and new employer, Katherine Lyon. Coleman reenters society. And that’s when a plot far darker than science alone could construct begins to emerge. A carefully researched science and psychological thriller, this book is a nonstop page turner that looks deep into the heart of man, examining teh nature of good and evil, flesh versus spirit, and the ever-growing controversy over genetically determined behavior. Quantity Limited. REGULAR PRICE $13.00.

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