Child-Proofing Your Marriage by Dr. Debbie Cherry


Keeping Your Marriage a Priority During the Parenting Years

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It is an increasingly common issue today – couples spend their child-rearing years nurturing their children at the expense of their marriage! Couples tend to think, “After the kids are gone, we’ll get to be a couple again.” In many cases, by the time the kids are off to college, so much distance has crept in that couples hardly know each other. But this scenario can easily be avoided! Divorces can be prevented and arguments avoided when couples discover the importance – and the principles – of being couple-focused rather than child-focused. In this book, Dr. Cherry provides easy to follow directions to help couples avoid the pitfalls of growing apart. Learning to nurture your marriage while nurturing your children is a priceless skill that may just save your marriage. REGULAR PRICE $13.00.

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