Close Calls by Dave Carder

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What Adulterers Want You to Know About Protecting Your Marriage

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You are in danger of having an affair. Don’t believe it? Then your risk is even greater. Dave Carder has spent more than 30 years counseling husbands and wives trapped by infidelity, and he knows that the vast majority of these heartbroken people never saw it coming. In this book, he reveals what adulterers want you to know about protecting your marriage before trouble strikes. With eye-opening stories and clinical insight he will help you: Identify the type of person to whom you may be dangerously attracted; Evaluate your marriage style and what that may mean for extramarital friendships; Assess how your past relationships affect your future; Understand when you’re most vulnerable to infidelity. This book should be required reading for all men and women who want to face the challenges of fidelity straight on, knowing that an intact marriage is a source of great joy. Marriage is worth working for and it’s worth protecting. Inside you’ll find interactive quizzes and activities for couples at every stage of marriage that will help you strengthen your relationship! REGULAR PRICE $15.00. Only 1 copy left!

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