Defending Traditional Marriage by Willard Harley


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Why does traditional marriage need to be defended? Traditional marriage is a permanent and sexually exclusive relationship of extraordinary care between one man and one woman. But marriage, as defined this way, has been under attack for more than seventy-five years, and if you are married – or planning to be – that is not good news. In fact, those attacking traditional marriage have been winning. Why? And what can be done about it? Williard Harley, nationally acclaimed clinical psychologist and best-selling author, believes you can not only protect your own family from falling prey to these legal and cultural attacks but also help reverse the trend that characterizes today’s marriage-unfriendly culture. Historically, traditional marriage has provided two primary advantages over any other relationships: safety and stability. If either of these advantages is undermined, the success of an entire society is threatened. With heated sanctity-of-marriage debates swirling around us, whose responsibility is it to defend what’s left of traditional marriage? According to Dr. Harley, “It starts with you.” REGULAR PRICE $13.00. Quantities are limited. Clearance price is valid only while supplies last.

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