Exposing Darwinism’s Weakest Link by Kenneth Poppe


Why Evolution Can’t Explain Human Existence

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“Monkey to Man” is for the birds. All aspects of humanity that make us unique among life-forms were designed and implemented by a supernatural Being. This is where the scientific evidence points. With a special knack for helpful analogies, good examples, and clear explanations, Dr. Kenneth Poppe helps you see the full picture of human origins. He analyzes some of the latest discoveries from science and blows the lid off Darwinian myths surrounding such issues as: Evidence for prehistoric man; Structures and behaviors thought to be remnants of earlier evolutionary steps; The beginning of human speech; The origin of moral values; The role of genetic information. Highly readable for anyone with a general background – and superb for students and parents – this up-to-date resource is presented with energy and humor. And it pulls no punches in concluding that human life did not and could not develop by itself.  REGULAR PRICE $15.00.

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