Fabulous at 50 by Janet Maccaro

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Redefining midlife: body, mind and spirit

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How can you turn back the clock and make 50 feel like 30 in every respect? It is possible. You can make your 50’s – and beyond – the best years of your life. You can be 50 and fabulous. Janet Maccaro, PhD, CNC, tells you how as she redefines midlife and instructs you on: Proper nutrition for attaining vibrant health as you age; Steps for enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness; Tips for zapping the top 8 age accelerators; Stress, sleep, exercise and more! Dr. Janet will help you manage every aspect of your midlife experience – dietary and health concerns, spiritual growth and maturity issues, anxiety and depression, the need to care for aging parents, and more. Each chapter also provides a protocol (a plan or method of action) to help you discover, manage and redefine the aging process – body, mind and spirit.   Hardcover.  REGULAR PRICE $20.00.

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