Faith Begins at Home by Mark Holmen

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The Family Makeover with Christ at the Center

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In whose footsteps will your children follow? In the past, faith was a central part of the family’s home life, passed on from generation to generation. Today, the reality for many families is that faith is no more than one-hour, drop-off Christianity, if it is present at all. What does this mean for the faith of our children? How will they come to know Christ? And how does a family put Christ are the center of their busy lives? Mark Holmen knows that becoming the strong, healthy, joy-filled families God intended begins with parents establishing their homes as the primary place where faith is nurtured. In this engaging book, you will learn about the importance of your and your spouse’s walk with the Lord; of using the gifts and experiences of grandparents, elders and mentors in the family; and of the role the church should play with families. Filled with a wealth of practical ideas, inspirational stories and biblical truth, FAITH BEGINS AT HOME will inspire, motivate and equip you to help your family succeed.

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