Falling Into Heaven by Aliyah

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Falling into Heaven was Aliyah’s first worship album. Captured live, this album includes many spontaneous songs and carries a heartbeat of intercession for the Jewish people. As we raised our voices there was such a release of the Spirit of revelation, we often found ourselves proclaiming with authority the Word of the Lord, especially in regard to His ancient Jewish people. Many times we were so captivated by the Lord we would lose all track of time, spending the larger portion of the day before the throne. This recording was birthed out of that season.   REGULAR PRICE $17.00

Track List:

1. Rend the Heavens
2. It’s Time
3. Falling into Heaven
4. 107
5. O Praise the Lord
6. 133
7. Cry Out
8. By the Rivers
9. Set me as a Seal
10. Take me Away
11. First Prayer Last Song

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