God’s Grace and the Homoxesual Next Door by Alan Chambers

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Reaching the Heart of the Gay Men and Women in Your World

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Author Alan Chambers–a former homosexual himself–and four of his colleagues at Exodus International offer practical and biblical insights on how both individuals and churches can become a haven for homosexuals seeking freedom from same-sex attraction.

In this comprehensive guide to helping homosexuals, readers will learn about:

  • The roots of homosexuality
  • God’s radical grace for sexual sinners
  • Reaching youth both within and outside the church
  • Dealing with fear and ignorance in the church
  • Leading gays to Christ
  • Mentoring homosexuals in the church
  • Three degrees of homosexuality: militant, moderate or repentant
  • Five things not to do in reaching out to gays

and much more about this often perplexing subject.  REGULAR PRICE $14.00

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