How Do We Know the Bible is True, Vol. 2 by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge

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How do you know the Bible is true? It’s a question Christians must be able to answer, but that many fear to hear. Addressing basic, foundational issues of faith and history, as well as popular culture, this resource features answers to 30 common topics. Linking the downfall of society to evolution and an old-earth paradigm, this Answers in Genesis apologetics guide looks at questions of why Puritan schools such as Harvard are no longer Christian, whether the Bible is unique, whether the Shroud of Turin was in the grave with Christ, the importance of the reformation, and more. Who made God; where did God come from? Has Noah’s ark been found? Hasn’t Bible text been changed over the years? Is Hell real? Did the ten plagues of Egypt really happen? We are an increasingly skeptical society whether it comes to politics, science, or even faith. People see conflict everywhere, even about fundamental aspects of the Bible. When church leaders are at odds about biblical truth and scriptural authority, believers are left confused and uncertain, needing clear biblical truth. This softcover 352 page is a “must have” resource for churches, libraries, and home study.

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