Leaving Homosexuality by Alan Chambers

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When a gay man or woman is faced with the reality that a growing and vibrant life in Jesus Christ is incompatible with their sexual attractions, what exactly does he or she do? What steps can be taken toward leaving the gay life and identity?

In this accessible book Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, explains the process and clarifies the expectations for those who are skeptical of change or frustrated by an ongoing struggle with same-sex attraction.

Readers will learn how to

  • enter into a new life in Christ
  • set realistic and healthy expectations
  • build authentic community
  • learn to forgive
  • overcome the power of sexual addiction

Men and women of all ages who struggle with same-sex attraction will find Leaving Homosexuality indispensable in their own walk of faith…and an excellent resource to give to those who haven’t yet heard that there is a new life of freedom beyond homosexuality available to them.

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