Oh Be Careful Little Ears by Kimberly Smith

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Oh, Be Careful Little Ears is a brief overview of the development of Christian music from both historical and biblical perspectives, showing why CCM is not biblical from a Scriptural point of view.

Do you know that Scripture teaches us that Christian music should be non-carnal, yet much contemporary Christian music is carnal?

Do you know that it’s easy to identify carnal Christian music?

Do you know why carnal music is not pleasing to God?

Oh, Be Careful Little Ears discusses each of these—and more—from a biblical perspective.

You will learn…

…actual New Testament Scriptures which give direction concerning Christian music.

…how to identify carnal Christian music and why it’s carnal.

…why good motivations should not be the only consideration for the Christian’s music.

…why adding Christian lyrics alone does not make all types of music acceptable.

…and much more!

Chapter titles include: “The Origins of Unnatural Rhythms”; “Where Have All the Hymns Gone?”; “A Brief History of Christian Music”; “A Word About ‘Pop’ Music”; and “What Difference Does it Make?” plus six more.

Many Christians are truly sincere in their choice of music, and this book acknowledges the controversy that exists in Christian music. A full chapter is devoted to common and very emotional excuses that are given in defense of contemporary Christian music.  REGULAR PRICE  $10.00

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