Perfect Weight America by Jordan Rubin

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Change Your Diet.  Change Your Life.  Change Your World.

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Are you living at your perfect weight? The Pew Research Center reports that Americans are 29 pounds heavier than they want to be. If that number sounds like it’s in your ballpark, then best-selling health author Jordan Rubin has an innovative plan just for you. When you follow the Perfect Weight America program, you will burn unhealthy fat, experience incredible energy, cleanse built-up toxins from your body, and learn steps for simple sustainability to take weight off our planet. Jordan Rubin debuted this successful health and wellness program in Toledo, Ohio, with remarkable results that made national news. Now the 16 week, 4 phase Perfect Weight America plan is available to you and will teach you what foods make you hungrier and what foods keep you feeling full. You will learn strategies to burn fat, improve your digestion, and reduce stress. You will even be taught the best ways to “cheat” on the program. This plan is all about making a U-turn in your life and getting headed in the right direction. Start today, and get on the road to your perfect weight!

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