Religion of Peace or Refuge For Terror by Dr. Larry Spargimino


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The world has witnessed suicide bombings and other forms of terrorist activities with alarming frequency.  Acting in the name of Allah, Muslim extremists are waging a “holy war” against the infidels – Jews, Christians, and everyone else who does not acknowledge that there is “one God, Allah is his name, and Muhammad is his prophet.”  Will there be more such attacks in the near future?  What are we to think of the claims of Islam?  Is Muhammad God’s final prophet?  This book provides you with vital insights into the religion that wants to take over the world.

  • Do we worship the same God?
  • The Korah and Hadith – Islam’s sources of authority
  • The discrepancies between the Koran and the Bible
  • Islam and Bible prophecy,
  • and much more…

Published in 2002.  This is a clearance book.  REGULAR PRICE $12.00.

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