Servant on the Edge of History by Sam James

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Risking All for the Gospel in War-Ravaged Vietnam

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An awful time… an awesome God. Again and again it happens. Bombs fall in a nearby shopping district. Enemy soldiers terrorize neighboring homes. Crossfire decimates civilian cars at a roadblock. War infuses every quarter of Vietnam. Most Americans long ago have left for safety. The James family remains. Sam James and his wife and four children sit tight in ravaged South Vietnam to share Jesus when the Vietnamese most needed ministry – as the country falls to communism. Even during the frightening Tet Offensive, Sam communicates Christ’s love and peace as he helps Vietnamese believers start churches and gird up spiritually for the dark days ahead. What makes one man willing to stare death in the face to obey God’s call to serve the Vietnamese? And what becomes of all the seeds planted among these fledgling Christians as communist oppression advances?

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