Straight Up by Michael Stevens


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The African-American church is in critical condition. Some claim leadership is riddled with homosexuality. The repercussions of this are far reaching. The very core of the African-American family is now in danger. Author Michael Stevens feels it is time for African-American men to reclaim their rightful place in the family and church. Tired of the homosexual agenda trying to “soothe our conscience and level of tolerance,” Stevens fires back with a hard-hitting, uncompromising approach. He first exposes the sins of this controversial double lifestyle, details the ramifications, and then gives hope to those who want out. To break free from the spirit of deception and bondage, Stevens offers a four-step solution of acceptance, repentance, avoidance and confidence. The detailed plan, he is sure, will help men walk out of the double lifestyle into a new life. Quantities are limited. Available while supplies last. REGULAR PRICE $8.00.

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