The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Last Days by Richard Perry


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You’re no idiot, of course. If the end of the world really is at hand, you’d like to be prepared. But how on Earth are you supposed to get ready? And how will you know when the bid day is near? Don’t get left behind! “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Last Days” looks to the Bible to find the answers you need – and helps you figure out what to believe. In this book you’ll get: A Biblical perspective on the Last Days – with advice on how to prepare for the end; Helpful timelines that clearly show how the Last Days will play out; A provocative preview of the Rapture, the Tribulation, and other apocalyptic events; An in-depth look at what the Prophets had to say about the Last Days.

Get explanations from scripture on…

  • Israel and the law.
  • The throne of David.
  • The four horsemen and the early warnings they bring.
  • The raiders of the lost ark.
  • The mystery of 666.
  • The New World Order.
  • The days of reckoning, salvation and judgment.
  • The power behind the Antichrist.
  • Signs of the times.
  • Erroneous prophecies.
  • The royal wedding banquet.
  • The Return of the King.


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