The Least of These by Jeff Brodsky


One Man’s Remarkable Journey in the Fight Against Child Trafficking

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Since he was a child, Jeff Brodsky has wept for the downtrodden and mistreated. Years later, when he set out across the world to share God’s love with the lowest of the low, Jesus’ mandate to serve “the least of these” was imprinted on his heart. But when he learned of little children being sold as sex slaves for the sick pleasure of evil men, he burned with holy anger. That’s when Jeff turned his awareness into action. Jeff’s remarkable journey has wound from the slums of Bangladesh to the dumps of Cambodia to the storefront brothels of India.

The Least of These details Brodsy’s early years growing up in a Jewish home in Brooklyn, NY.  After serving in the Air Force, Brodsky married and moved to Arizona where he and his wife both converted to Christianity in their early 20s.  Brodsky began doing missionary work.  After founding Joy International in 1981, he has traveled to over 70 nations.  The book also offers detailed accounts of some of the children he and his team have rescued from sex trafficking, as well as various undercover operations which his organization has helped facilitate.

This “man on a mission” to free enslaved children, arrest their captors, and abolish sex trafficking from the earth has left no stone un-turned. You will celebrate his victories—and be challenged to listen for God’s call to you. The Least of These will change your life—so you can change the world.

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