Why Still Care About Israel? by Sandra Teplinsky

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The Sanctity of Covenant, Moral Justice and Prophetic Blessing

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Could you be asking all the wrong questions about Israel?

Conversation about the Arab-Israeli conflict usually starts by asking if God is for or against the Jewish state-or Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims.  As the Gaza Conflict heats up, and the Jewish-Muslim relationship grows increasingly tense, the spotlight of world events is focusing ever more intently on Israel, and believers are in a quandry about what to think of the Holy Land. In this updated and urgent book, Sandra Teplinsky, an American-Israeli Jewish believer, shows why many Christians are asking the wrong questions about Israel. With gracious honesty and solid biblical insight, she unravels the mystery and controversy of Israel-and shows how it impacts you-by taking you into the Lord’s passions for all humankind.

With biblical insight, thorough documentation and a gentle but firm approach to a topic that typically generates strident controversy, Teplinsky explains how the significance of this land affects all believers.  Every reader, whether casually interested or seeking depth on this crucial topic, will be touched by Teplinsky’s thoughtful exploration of a people living in the front pages of prophecy.

Paperback, 282 pages.

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