Worldly Amusements by Wayne Wilson


Restoring the Lordship of Christ to Our Entertainment Choices

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In this book Pastor Wayne Wilson suggests that all manner of moral pollution is being welcomed into Christian homes and hearts through the sentimentality, action and laughter provided by the entertainment industry. While the church has combated this influence since the days of the apostles, the generation of Christian leaders raised during the social revolution of the 1960’s has largely abandoned the pursuit of a pure heart. The purity of Christ’s Bride has been sullied as she has come to delight in that which is an offense to God. Is there a solution? A way back? Yes, says Pastor Wilson. God’s corrective is always the Bible. This book is a powerful tool because it presents a Bible-based standard for evaluating Hollywood’s compromising images and messages. Affirm the standard, and Satan’s weapon of choice for assaulting purity will be turned aside. There is no way to avoid the tidal wave of filth in our culture, but this book tells pastors, parents and all believers how to minimize its effects on a pure heart. It calls us once again to be salt and light in a corrupt, dark world.

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