Wrath and Glory by Dr. David Reagan


The Meaning of the Book of Revelation

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Many Christians are intimidated by the book of Revelation, and are convinced that it contains nothing but bad news. And they are further turned off by the great variety of bizarre interpretations of the book. In this book, Dr. Reagan explains that Revelation contains only good news for those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Further, he proves that the book can be understood by any Christian who is willing to accept its plain sense meaning.

As Dr. Reagan opens the book to your understanding, you will be thrilled by the promises of God that it contains for believers, and as you conclude the book, you will find yourself earnestly yearning for the Lord’s soon return as never before.

This is a book for all denominations and all ages. It dispels the myths about Revelation while showing that the messages of Revelation are desperately needed by the 21st Century Church which is being apostasized from within and persecuted from without.

Paperback, 263 pages.

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