A Better World Is Coming Soon Don’t Miss It by Kit Olsen

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EXPANDED EDITION. An important eschatological anthology, a very relevant reference book. Does God really exist? Where will you spend eternity? Kit Olsen, from Friends of Yeshua Ministries explores: Who is God? Why is Israel so important to God? Who is the Messiah of Israel? Why is Jerusalem the focus of so much attention? Why is there escalating confusion and deception everywhere? What does the future hold? “A Better World Is coming Soon – Don’t Miss It” is a Scripture based at the times in which we live. It is a message of hope and encouragement, while also exposing the dangers we face in an out of control world of uncertainty.Great resource and study guides included. An uplifting book that peers into the future from God’s prophetic perspective revealing His glorious future literal 1000-year millennial kingdom from which He will rule and reign from Jerusalem on the newly rejuvenated planet Earth.  REGULAR PRICE $15.00.

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