Messiah by Chuck Crismier

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Unveiling the Mystery of the Ages

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MESSIANIC FERVOR IS EXPLODING WORLDWIDE. Yet the details remain shrouded in mystery.

Jews await the Mashiach

Muslims await the Mahdi

Christians await Messiah’s Second Coming

Many await a Messianic Age


HISTORY HIDES ITS MYSTERIES. Yet mysteries demand to be solved. The shroud that has veiled this messianic mystery for mankind’s entire sojourn on planet Earth must soon be drawn back in an apocalyptic “Unveiling”—a revelation of reality that has escaped our understanding—a sweeping away of persistently frustrating blindness.

THIS IS OUR MOMENT! The leaders of the nations are trembling on the precipice of global conflagration. People are terrified. Nothing seems certain, except chaos, catapulting the planet to the precipice of a chasm so sheer as to shake the confidence of the most courageous. We need a ray of hopeful light in the encroaching darkness?

Indeed, this is our moment of truth. Destiny rides in the balance. Please, then, join us on this fascinating journey through time so as to grasp more effectively the solemnity of and solutions for our time. Time is short so we must proceed quickly, even as we grope in darkness. The picture that will soon emerge will either leave you awash in unprecedented hope or in unfathomable horror. Let us be on our way to “Unveil History’s Greatest Mystery”—the haunting, yet persistent, mystery of MESSIAH.

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