Darwin’s Plantation by Ken Ham and Charles Ware

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Evolution’s Racist Roots

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Many people do not realize just how intimately connected the theory of evolution and the worst racist ideology in history are. Darwin’s Plantation: Evolution’s Racist Roots gives a thorough history of the effect of evolution on the history of the United States, including slavery and the civil rights movement, and then goes beyond to the global harvest of death and tragedy that stems from Darwin’s controversial theories. Uncover the origin of the word “race” and the tragic legacy of Darwin’s theory. This book will reveal the disturbing connection between evolutionary thought & the most ruthless and bloody dictators in history. Join an eye-opening discussion on racism and its roots in the hearts and minds of millions. Step beyond the legal precedents to find the true solution in the Bible – one that resolves this issue in the hearts of mankind. Join Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham and president of Crossroads Bible College Dr. Charles Ware as they examine the racist historical roots of evolutionary thought and what the Bible has to say about this disturbing issue. This fascinating book will help you learn what the Christian’s view of racism should be and what the Bible has to say about it in a compassionate and uniquely compelling perspective.

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