A New Fighting Chance by Dr. Gordon Pedersen


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Superbugs are winning the battle, but we can win the war against bacteria, viruses and mold by looking at nontraditional methods of fighting these microbial threats. Throughout history, silver has been used across the world as both a medicine and a preservative. New therapeutic-grade silver preparations offer a safe and effective means of fighting pathogens where antibiotics and other drugs fail. Silver has proven promising against epidemic outbreaks, contagious diseases, and even bio-terrorist attacks by defeating the root of these problems – bacteria, viruses, and mold. Research on silver is broad and spans several decades. Reputable labs at the University of Arizona, University of California at Davis, and Brigham Young University are among those that have completed research supporting silver’s use in fighting microbial infection. And new patented technology has only increased the efficacy and safety of silver solutions. Join Dr. Pedersen as he reveals how silver sol solutions. Join Dr. Pedersen as he reveals how silver sol technology targets these pathogens, and how you can use silver to supplement your family’s healthcare regimen.

2014 Edition