Becoming A Man of Valor by Mark Laaser

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Live a life of honor. Gone are the days of chivalry and knights, but that hasn’t changed God’s vision of you as a man of valor. Integrity and honor are elusive in a world that’s lost its moral compass, yet every man should strive to possess those qualities. Integrity, in Latin, means being a whole person. Having integrity, being complete with no cracks or fissures, means we will act at all times according to our faith. This example is found in the gospel of John in the way Jesus interacts with others. Mark R. Laaser claims if we truly studied the interactions Jesus had with people and the words He said to them, we would have a psychology textbook so powerful it would transform lives. Laaser takes you on a journey to engage this wisdom from the life of Jesus. You can aspire to be the man God calls you to be–a man of integrity and honor.

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