Darwin’s Secret Sex Problem by F. LaGard Smith

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This book is a challenge to both Evolutionists and Evolutionary Creationists, exposing Evolution’s fatal flaw – the origin of sex.  The fact that Darwinism has no credible answer for the origin of sex presents an insurmountable challenge to the theory of evolution.

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Darwins Secret Sex Problem What Darwin Ignored . . . For all his revolutionary insight into the fascinating processes of evolution so useful to current scientific research, health care, and technology, Darwin never seriously confronted the crucial, insurmountable gap in his grand theory between asexual replication and sexual reproduction. Nor could Darwins famed natural selection have provided simultaneous on-time delivery of the first male/female pair of millions of sexually unique species required for evolutions bedrock premise of common descenta fundamental flaw fatal to the romanticized microbe-to-man Evolution Story. Darwins Secret Sex Problem is a witty, engaging, scientifically sound exploration of perhaps the greatest secret of sexuality the utter inability of Darwinian evolution to explain its origin (John E. Silvius, PhD, Senior Professor Emeritus of Biology, Cedarville University). I highly recommend this book by F. LaGard Smith, a nonspecialist whose careful research demonstrates that he understands the crucial issues surrounding evolutions fatal sex problem, and who has a remarkable ability to communicate complex concepts to a broad audience (Geoff Barnard, PhD, MA, retired Reproductive Endocrinologist and Cambridge University Research Scientist).

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