Dissing God by Wallace Auser

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Spiritual Neutrality in a Secular Progressive Culture

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This book is written for the thinking Christian who passionately cares bout the political and legal direction America is taking and is tired of being asked to be an intellectual schizophrenic. This myth that a person, a legal system, a political party, or a government can be religiously neutral in today’s secular progressive culture is pure nonsense. As a practicing lawyer for over 30 years, Auser states, “God has as much right to be heard on public issues as does secularism and other non-theistic ideas.” Auser brings to the table ethical, political, and legal issues and discusses them to determine the source of these differing world views. The conclusion is that the theistic system (orthodox Christianity in particular), provides the best foundation for a civil society that seeks to promote liberty and virtue together. He wants to give Christians the tools to hold their own in a public dialogue as they base their ethical or political decisions on their theistic beliefs. Of course, the political correctness police won’t like what the author says when he references Jesus’ statement by saying, “I am the way, the truth and the life” applies to society’s ethics, politics and law.  REGULAR PRICE $15.00.

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