Faith on Earth by Lou Poumakis

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When the son of man cometh shall he find faith on the earth?

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Faith on Earth? introduces the reader to an aspect of Christianity not well known among Christians today. It describes God s plan for this world and the role that He intends Christians to play in that plan. It will show the reader a side of the faith he may well, never have been exposed to before. It is solidly based on Scripture yet easily understood by the average reader. This book opens a door to the full meaning, purpose, and significance of being a Christian in today s world. The church and the yet to be evangelized world need this message! Faith on Earth? draws extensively from the voluminous work of R. J. Rushdoony, which remarkably influenced Biblical understanding in the twentieth century, and continues to do so. Faith on Earth crisply summarizes much of Rushdoony’s applied faith and Biblical worldview in this readable and pithy overview. It begins with Christ’s question, When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? (Lk 18:8) and goes on to show that this question has significant implications for what our Lord expects from all true Christians. Lou Poumakis does an excellent job of stimulating our thinking of the world on Christ’s terms, so that the answer to the question may be, for His glory, Yes, the Son of Man found faith on the earth!

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