Jesus, the Jews, and the End of the Age by Brock Hollett


What the Bible Predicts About the End Times


What does the Bible predict about our future? Are we living in the end times? Will the nation of Israel play a role in ushering in the return of Jesus Christ? Jesus, the Jews, and the End of the Age answers these and many other questions about the last days. This book evaluates virtually all of the biblical prophecies regarding the end of days, and it remains faithful to the historic Christian understanding of this topic, as taught by the holy Church fathers. Dr. Hollett’s detailed analysis of Scripture provides a reasoned defense of the future role of prophecy and helps prepare the reader for the great test that Christians will experience during this difficult period. He avoids the sensationalism often produced by popular prophecy teachers who espouse modern dispensationalism and the pre-tribulation rapture. The book is replete with tables, diagrams, and illustrations to assist in understanding the concepts.


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