Nobody Told Me by Pam Stenzel and Melissa Nesdahl

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What You Need to Know About the Physical and Emotional Consequences of Sex Outside of Marriage

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Teens have their whole lives ahead of them, but making poor choices can undermine their hopes for a bright future. Too many young adults look back on decisions they made in the heat of the moment and regret the path they chose—they wish someone had told them how premarital sex could negatively impact their future relationships. Here is a book to help teens make the right choices when it comes to sex, based on actual questions the author has received from real-life teens. “Nobody Told Me” is written for young men and women who want passionate, long-lasting marriages in the future but haven’t considered how the decisions they make now impact their chances for fulfillment. This accessible book contains information teens need about the physical, emotional and spiritual risks associated with premarital sex, as well as guidelines for making healthy choices. Teens have questions about sex, and now there is somewhere to find the answers.

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