Save America Ministries AUTOMATIC MONTHLY Donation


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SAVE AMERICA MINISTRIES is dependent upon your faithful support.  If you would like to set up an AUTOMATIC MONTHLY Donation (AMD) of a given amount, which will be charged to whichever credit card you designate, the first week of each month, then this is the donation for you.  This donation will continue each month until the expiration date of your credit card, or until an alternate date you may specify in the comments portion of the order process.  By choosing an Automatic Monthly Donation, you are agreeing to have your credit card information stored securely online for the automatic processing of your donation.

If you desire this donation to continue beyond the date of expiration of the provided credit card, we will need new payment information from you when this card expires.  Also, should this card become invalid or be replaced for some reason and you desire to continue this donation, new payment information will need to be provided.

We will make effort to contact you via email and/or mail in the event the provided card is declined, becomes invalid or expires to let you know and ask your further wishes.  However, in the event we do not hear from you before the following month, this AMD will be terminated and you will need to place a new order to re-instate.

Changes can be made to this AMD at any time by calling our office at 800-SAVE-USA, or by emailing

**Please note that this donation cannot be made with Paypal as we are not set up with Paypal to accommodate this particular action.