Set Free to Lead by R. Scott Rodin


Your Guide to Discovering the Abundant Life of the Steward Leader

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This is a book about freedom. It is a guide to a new way of leading. Consider it your invitation to become a steward leader and to experience the abundant life Jesus promised in and through your role as a leader. The calling of a steward leader flows from the pages of Scripture and will resonate with your heart and soul. As leaders, we may not see the relationship between leadership effectiveness and freedom in Christ, yet they are integrally linked. In fact, I believe the single greatest reason that Christian leaders are either ineffective, burned out, or failing is due to their lack of freedom. Too often, well-intentioned leaders become bound in chains because they accept a way of leading that is not God’s way. This bondage can spiral downward with disastrous consequences if truth does not set them free. So, grab a pen, open your heart and discover for yourself the journey from bondage to freedom that will equip you to lead with freedom and peace and to live the abundant life Jesus promised for every one of us.

Paperback, 120 pages.

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