The War to End All Wars by Lewis Clementson


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Life on Earth has always been a war between God and Satan for the hearts and minds of mankind, so it is only fitting that it will end, not with a whimper, but only after a final climactic War To End All Wars. Earth’s final battle of faith between God’s best and Satan’s worst is brought to life in amazing detail in the prophecies of Jesus and St. Paul. They contain a clear warning to all that the Second Coming of Jesus and rapture of the church will only come after a dramatic series of events that will test the character and faith of all who live. We must heed God’s gracious warning and get prepared. Exciting evidence is produced that God is now fulfilling His final plan for His chosen people in this, “The Times of the Jews.” Practical lessons on faith are shared for Christians caught in a world crisis where the Antichrist has risen to power and both he and the world have turned on the true church.

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