Total Forgiveness & Total Forgiveness Experience by R.T. Kendall


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Its the most obvious and fundamental teaching of the New Testament, and yet its perhaps the hardest issue you will struggle with. After reading “Total Forgivenss” by R.T. Kendall, you will want to go deeper with his life-changing message. Use these two books together as an individual or group to learn ways to: Let go of grudges, Avoid traps such as denial and pretending not to hurt, Knowing you have released others, Help others feel a new sense of freedom, Apply forgiving and forgetting to your life, Choose to keep no records of wrong, Love your enemies and bless them.

2002 Edition of Total Forgiveness, 2004 Edition Total Forgiveness Experience.  COMBINED REGULAR PRICE $25.  Save $3 S&H by ordering as package, over ordering individually.

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