10 Things I Want My Husband to Know by Annie Chapman


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You have been granted tremendous influence in the life of your husband. Whether he’s the strong, silent type or an outgoing, gregarious guy, if he knows how much he means to you, he will excel in work and at home. But in the hustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to let him know you… Admire his work; Appreciate his thoughtfulness; Love how he interacts with the kids; Respect his opinion; Realize his need to spend time with hobbies and friends. Drawing on her 30 years as a wife, the wisdom of Scripture, and the insights of husbands and wives, Annie Chapman provides practical suggestions for letting your husband know he is unequivocally loved. Whether you’ve been married 3 months or 20 years, your man will appreciate these words and actions, and you’ll see amazing changes in your marriage.  REGULAR PRICE $11.00.

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