A Very Convenient Warming by Gregory Wrightstone


How Modest Warming and More CO2 Are Benefiting humanity


Learn about the enormous benefits that are accruing to humanity from modest warming and increasing carbon dioxide. By nearly every metric, Earth’s ecosystems are thriving, and the human condition is improving. This notion of a prospering planet is entirely contrary to the claims of a climate crisis and looming disaster around every corner proclaimed by the Climate Industrial Complex.

In this book we will explore these benefits and learn that extreme weather events are not increasing, how we are feeding the planet’s growing population through expanded crop growth and that modest warming is saving lives.

This book, A Very Convenient Warming, is separated into three sections:
The first section, titled Basic Climate Facts, is an expansion and update of Inconvenient Facts’ exploration of data concerning temperature and carbon dioxide. In it, we look at both the very recent and very long-term changes in both. This review clearly exposes that claims of unusual and unprecedented warming are erroneous and that hysteria over increases in CO2 are unwarranted. We also take a close look at the relationship between CO2 and temperature and find nothing of concern.

In the second section, Humanity and Climate: Blessed Warmth, Horrific Cold, we review the strong relationship between the histories of humanity and temperature. In it, we find that past warm periods were warmer than today and correlated to the rise of great empires and civilizations. These warmer times of plenty were called “climate optima” before the rampant politization of climate science. The corollary to this were the cold periods that were horrific. Each cooling period was related to crop failure, famine, pestilence and mass depopulation. History tells us that we should fear the cold and welcome the warmth.

In the final section, Life Is Good, And Getting Better, you will learn that the various climate crises are, in fact, simply lies created to spread fear of a non-existent problem. In this section we explore the many benefits that are improving the human condition and leading to thriving ecosystems.

My hope is that I have presented enough material in this book for you to confidently assess and evaluate the various claims made by the proponents of a climate crisis. Make up your own mind, for that is the scientific process.

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