A Skeptic’s Guide to God by Larkin Spivey

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I continued to plow ahead seeking to garner ever more information about cosmology, evolution, the origins and nature of human beings, and comparative religions. I tried to keep an open mind during my pursuit of such knowledge, but also have to admit that I was often testing the tenets of my childhood faith against what I was learning.

Reconsider your beliefs and open up a whole new world in Larkin Spivey’s compelling new book, A Skeptic’s Guide to God.

Religious skeptics often find themselves approaching the topic of Christianity as a fact-finding mission—but more information doesn’t seem to lead to belief in anything.

With his no-nonsense approach, Spivey appeals to the skeptic’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge by stressing the facts and logical appeals of one of the world’s most influential religions.

Chapter by chapter, A Skeptic’s Guide to God takes reads through a journey of vivid storytelling and matter-of-fact discussion.

While sharing his own personal story, Spivey also reconciles the seemingly incongruent issues of religion and science, clarifies the Bible, answers skeptics’ most common objections to Christianity, and assists readers in finding the peace in life that only comes through reconciliation with God.

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