Abducted But Not Forsaken by Okongo Samson

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How one man’s escape from a notorious terrorist brought hope to Africa

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You CAN find hope for any situation!As a boy, Okongo Samson was captured by a band of terrorists, then beaten and brutalized mercilessly for weeks—only to escape through a series of miraculous circumstances that could only come from God’s intervention. Then, after beginning to courageously tell his story despite the fears and doubts that assaulted his faith, Okongo was thrown in jail time and again for the “crime” of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, at times bringing him to the point of death physically and spiritually. Could you find forgiveness in your heart for your persecutors? Would your faith in God remain unshakable?Okongo’s heartfelt, incredible story will help you find hope in your pain and hardships—and know that you will never be forsaken as you trust in the Lord for your transformation.

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