Antichrist by Charles Crismier

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As panic and chaos mushroom globally, the nations clamor for a “New World Order”−a global government to “save” us amid rising fear.  The Bible clearly warns that the planet, having abandoned faith in the Creator God, will embrace a charismatic “savior” who will gain dominion “by flattery” and deceptive seduction.  This counterfeit “Christ”−the IMPOSTER−indeed the ANTICHRIST, will be presented gloriously and globally, promising a false salvation, and will soon sweep the world into unprecedented tyrannical rule under Satan’s authority.

PREPARE YOUR HEART!  What will be read here is neither fear mongering nor sensationalism.  Rather, it is a sincere, yet sobering, translation of biblical truth intended to woo, to warn and to prepare the peoples of our planet to identify the characteristics of the most tyrannical and terrifying leader ever, and soon, to rule the world.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  Jesus himself warned that most, having abandoned the “fear of the Lord,” will be seduced by fear of man to receive a mark−the “mark of the beast,” thus declaring their eternal allegiance to Satan.  The jury is now out for each of us as we lurch toward history’s final hour.

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