Chrislam Ed. by Joshua Lingel, Jeff Morton & Bill Nikides

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Are there missionaries who promote converts from Islam remaining in Islam? Is Islam the primary identity for a new believer and how does this identity interface with one’s deliverance from a false religion? Which rituals and phenomena of Islam may be given new meaning by converts? Is the Gospel of Jesus being Islamized by Western missionaries? This anthology of twenty-five essays approaches the various questions of the “insider movements” that are being raised within the mission community. Offering not only a critique of the problematic issues of IM and it’s proponents, Chrislam also provides a necessary corrective in the areas of theology, exegesis, translation, missiology and a theology of religions. The authors include converts from Islam, practicing missionaries, pastors, missiologists, Bible translators, professors of Islamic studies, biblical studies, and systematic theology. This multi-faceted approach to a serious problem in missions is a much needed manual for the church as she thinks through the ramifications of supporting “insiders” and the proponents of IM.  REGULAR PRICE $25.00.

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