Culture Clash by Mark Gabriel

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Islam’s War on the West.  What Radical Muslims Believe.  Why They Oppose Us.  What We Can Do About It.

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Why don’t the Muslim people throw out their dictators and demand human rights? Why is America feared and mistrusted in the Muslim world even when she tries to help? Why can’t the Muslim world accept some responsibility for its problems? Every day the news confirms the conflict between the Muslim world and the American way of life.

Dr. Mark Gabriel, former lecturer at Al-Azhar University, sheds light on this conflict, explaining the mysterious attitudes of the Muslim world and why they resist principles such as equality for women, freedom of speech, and other ideals that Americans see as secular, nonreligious, and good for all people. He explains at psychological and religious levels what causes suspicion, animosity, and aggression toward America and answers the question: What can America do right in the Muslim world today?  REGULAR PRICE $13.00

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