Healing Rain by Sue Detweiler


Immersing Yourself in Christ’s Love to Find Wholeness of Mind, Body and Heart


Do you long for health, wholeness, and freedom?

Do you continue to hit walls of resistance as you pursue healing? Sue Detweiler, prophet and host of the popular Healing Rain podcast, has helped thousands of believers move from the trenches of despair and sickness into the fields of freedom–and she wants to empower you, too.

Full of wisdom, incredible testimonies, discussion questions, prayers, and keys to healing, this biblical guide points to the words, actions, and miracles of Jesus, giving you the confidence to trust His presence and discover how to
· overcome trauma and destructive thoughts
· open pathways to spiritual encounters with Jesus
· receive the power of His blood to heal every area of your life
· and more

Here is everything you need to tend to your heart and experience healing in your body, mind, and emotions.

Paperback, 204 pages.  REGULAR PRICE $17

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